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Shell History
A century of dedication and innovation

1886: Oil discovered in Egypt
the real inception of the oil business started in 1910.

1911: The early beginnings
Shell started its operations in Egypt in both downstream and upstream fields. Shell Company of Egypt was the largest marketing and distribution company in the country. In the upstream areas, the Anglo Egyptian Oil Fields Company (AEO) (50% Shell and 50% British Petroleum) was the major oil producer.

Hurgada field
Exploration led to further discovery of the considerable Hurghada field..

1915: Moving to Hurgada
AEO moved its local headquarters to Hurghada, where the field became its main and only supplier for 25 years.

1960s: Shell leaves Egypt
1961-1964, AEO and the Shell Company of Egypt were fully nationalized, and their areas of activities were taken over by three national companies: El Nasr Petroleum Company, Misr Petroleum Company and the General Petroleum Company (GPC).

1970s: Shell returns to Egypt
In 1974, Shell returned to Egyptís EP industry through a partnership with Deminix and BP.
In 1979, Shell Egypt, (then called Shell Winning), returned to the Egyptian EP sphere acquiring two concessions (Badr El Din and Sitra), and resumed their exploration activities. Drilling started in the early eighties and led to the discovery of the Badr El Din and Sitra oil fields and to the establishment of the Badr El Din Petroleum Company (Bapetco).

1980s: First Gas clause in Egypt 
In 1988, Shell and The Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) signed the first Gas clause in Egypt.

1990s: Obaiyed and NEMED
In 1996, EGPC and Shell signed a Gas Sales Agreement (GSA) for the Obaiyed fields.
In 1998, Shell Egypt signed the Northeast Mediterranean Deepwater Concession Agreement.
In 1999, Production in the Obaiyed fields started.

2000 up till now: Embracing the new Millennium
in 2000: Shell International Gas and Power invests in two new Local Gas Distribution Companies (LDCís),
in 2001: Shell International Gas Ltd. and Egypt Kuwait Holding Company (EK Holding) finalize an Acquisition Agreement of 18% in NATGAS by Shell Gas BV. Moreover, the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies announced the finalization of a Concession Agreement with EGPC allowing the Fayum Gas Company, a Shell Gas B.V. subsidiary, to deliver natural gas to the Fayum Governorate in Egypt, on behalf of EGPC.


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