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CEMTROL Swimming Pool Computer - Chlorination system

Swimming Pool Computer CEMTROL In wall cabinet with 4 slots for input amplifiers to measure the following hygienic swimming pool parameters: Channel 1: chlorine control, possibility of connecting, chlorine sensor or potentistat. Channel 2: pH value with control function. Channel 3: Redox potential, only measuring amplifier. Channel 4: free-only for temperature measurement (optioanl) suitable for pH value temperature compensation. Controller action: P,PI,PID Controller output: voltage-free relay output, 3 A at 250 V, 50 Hz, Pulse duration-modulated, Pulse frequency-modulated, 3-point step, continuous 0/4 20 mA output (optional) Disturbance variable: 0/4 20 mA available as input signal for channel 1+2
Chlorination, Ozone Chlorination system
Variation #1 PN

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