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Chlorinator CEM200-FM - Chlorination system

Full-vacuum chlorinator CEM200-FM, Free-standing cabinet unit with measuring glass. VMH: Vacuum regulator, measuring glass & back pressure regulator. Equipment: Complete with pressure gauge and vacuum gauge Materials: chlorine gas resistant plastics, metals and elastomeres Connections: Chlorine gas supply: G1 external, vacuum line: PVC cemented connection DN 40 (d50). Water connection: up to 60 kg/h PVC cemented connection DN 50 (d63), up to 120 kg/h flange DN 65, up to 200 kg/h flange DN 80.
Chlorination, Ozone Chlorination system
Capacity PN
10 - 200 kg/h Cl2    Qty
2 - 40 kg/h Cl2    Qty
3 - 60 kg/h Cl2    Qty
6 - 120 kg/h Cl2    Qty

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