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GRP Tanks - Metal Tanks

Horizontal GRP-Cylindrical Tank with support in Polyester/Fiberglass Medium: water, Pressure: atmospheric, Temperature: 30/40 deg. C Winding: Mechanical winding system to achieve tensile strength values higher than those of the manual procedure, as well as a total security against risk if rupture, Corrosion liner: Isophtalic resin, Mechanical reinforcement: Ortophtalic resin Glass Reinforcements: - Surface veils: synthetic veil equivalent to 50 gm/m2. It is used to increase the relation Resin/Glass in the contact zones. Veil of "C" class. - Stratimat MAT: It concerns to stratimat MAT 500 gm/m2, with soluble oiling in styrene. Glass of "E" class, for high modules of elasticity. - Roving: continuos veil of 2400 Tex, Glass type "E". It is used to obtain high strength modulus during the laminate. Nozzles and Manholes: - Two inlet holes 2" dia. - One wash hole at the top of the tank 4" dia. - One wash hole on the top of the tank 1" dia. - One inlet hole for fire fighting 3" dia. - One hole for over flow 4" dia. - One hole for venting on the top of the tank 2" dia. Tests: - Acetona test - Barcol hardness test - Dimensional control
Dimensions (m)Thickness (mm) PN
Dia: 2, Cylinder length: 4.877, Tot length: 5.653 8 / 1.5 corrosion liner    Qty
Dia: 2.1, Cylinder length: 4.35, Tot length: 5.164 13 / 1.5 corrosion liner    Qty
Dia: 2.5, Cylinder length:5.417, Tot length: 6.385 9 / 1.5 corrosion liner    Qty
Dia: 2.7, Cylinder length: 4.5, Tot length: 5.546 18 / 1.5 corrosion liner    Qty
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