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155 Companies providing "Oil Field Services"
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Oil Field Services: General
National Oil Field Services -- Egypt
Nile Valley Gas Co. (NVGC) -- Egypt
Nuclear Materials Authority -- Egypt
Oil Field Transport and Services Egypt Ltd. OTSE -- Egypt
Oiltech -- Egypt
OMV Exploration & Production GmbH -- Australia
Over The Top for Oil Service -- Egypt
Overseas International Services -- Egypt
Pecc Egypt -- Egypt
Pelasco/Trading for Equipment & Petroleum &Eng. Services -- Egypt
Petasco -- Egypt
Petro Universal Oil & Industrial Supplies -- Egypt
Petroconsult Engineering -- Egypt
Petroleum & Industrial Consulting Services -- Egypt
Petroleum Consultation Services & Trade -- Egypt
Petroleum Geo-Services - PGS -- Egypt
Petroleum Geo-Services - USA - PGS -- United States
Petroleum Pipeline -- Egypt
Petroleum Professional Internatinal Middle East -- Egypt
Petroleum Services & Investment Co. -- Egypt
Petrotec -- Egypt
Petrotrade -- Egypt
Petrowell Services -- Egypt
Petzed -- Egypt
Pharaonic Int'l Trading Office -- Egypt
Power Oil Services -- Egypt
Project Enginering Co. -- Egypt
Projects & Investment Consulting -- Egypt
Pyramid Group -- Egypt
Radwan Oil Services -- Egypt
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