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Surge Vessel - Bladder Type 25 m3 - Surge Vessel - Bladder Type

Surge Vessel - Bladder Type 25 m3
Surge vessel 25 M3 Volume: 25 m3 Position: Horizontal Type: Bladder Type Maximum Service Pressure: 14 Barg Hydrostatic test Pressure: 21 Barg Structural Calculations at Temperature: 60 C Manufacture Code: Codap95 Note: - The offered water hammering protection system is a complete system. All instrumentation required to monitor the pressures and the levels are also included. - The system should be connected to the pipeline which is going to be protected. Piping and fittings required for this connection are not included as we do not know where the vessels will be located. Size of these fittings/piping should be of the same size (and drilling class) as the outlet of the vessel. Generally speaking, what will be needed is the following: a. T (main pipe line / Vessel outlet) b. Elbow c. Pipes with suitable lengths d. Isolating valve if it is required to isolate the vessel
Surge Protection (Hydraulic) Surge Vessel - Bladder Type
Outlet SizeDia. x H (mm) PN
DN 300, PN16 2500 x 6000    Qty
DN 800, PN16      Qty

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