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The High Pressure Redox Desulfurization Process - Process Plant

The High Pressure Redox Desulfurization Process
Process Principle:
-Natural gas is washed with an aqueous redox catalytic solution
-H2S is converted into solid elemental sulfur
-Sulfur particles are filtered under high pressure
-The catalyst is then regenerated by contact with atmospheric air

Sulfint HP Advantages:
-Selective H2S removal with direct conversion into solid elemental sulfur
-Ambient temperature operation
-No conversion limitation, H2S < 1ppm feasible
-No foaming, no risk of plugging
-Flexibility, easy operation
-Minimum solvent flow rates and pumping costs
-CAPEX and total costs can be 20 - 50 % lower than for conventional processes for feed H2S levels between 10 and 1000 ppm.
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