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Installation Saddle - Turbine Flowmeter

Installation Saddle for plastic pipes with insert for sensor mounting
Flowmeters Turbine Flowmeter
DN (mm)Insert Mat'l PN
110 PP    Qty
110 PVC    Qty
125 PP    Qty
125 PVC    Qty
140 PP    Qty
140 PVC    Qty
160 PP    Qty
160 PVC    Qty
200 PP    Qty
200 PVC    Qty
225 PP    Qty
225 PVC    Qty
250 PP    Qty
250 PVC    Qty
315 PP    Qty
315 PVC    Qty
50 PP    Qty
50 PVC    Qty
63 PP    Qty
63 PVC    Qty
75 PP    Qty
75 PVC    Qty
90 PP    Qty
90 PVC    Qty

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