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Since 1905, Crispin-Multiplex Manufacturing Company has been a pioneer in the valve industry. Our products are used in almost every application where water or liquid is moved from one place to another - from pipeworks in the municipal water industry, to sites throughout the industrial, mining, chemical, energy and processing markets. Companies like Anheuser-Busch, Sun Oil, Walt Disney, International Paper, Duke Power, ITT, and countless others depend on our valves everyday. And not a month goes by when Crispin Valves are not sold in every state of the Union, and every hemisphere on the planet.

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Mfrs. Of Several Valves For Water & Sewage Transmission In Municipal, Industrial & Irrigation Systems. Products Include: Air & Vacuum Valves, Pressure Air Release Valves, Air Orifice Valves, Sewage Air Release Valves, Tangential Flow Air Eliminators, Negative Pressure Valves, Surge/Check Valves, Globe & Wafer Style Silent Check Valves & Nuclear Code Valves.
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Globe style silent check valves
Wafer Check Valve, CI
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